'808-178-0085' Pop-Ups

'808-178-0085' Pop-Ups Description

Social media and news outlets make security updates available with the click of a button, and modern Web surfers should decide whom to trust carefully. Phishing campaigns that are designed to invite users to install harmful software and call fake technical support services may be present. That is the case with the 808-178-0085 toll-free phone line that is associated with fake security alerts that aim to cause distress. The 808-178-0085 phone number is linked to a browser hijacker that might show pop-up windows to inform users of a security problem and provide a solution in the form of a technical support agency users can reach calling 808-178-0085. The browser hijacker related to 808-178-0085 might use JavaScript to prevent users from closing pop-up messages in their browser and convince them that a cyber threat like Tracur is preventing them from accessing the Internet.

Computer users that are less proficient and have troubles closing security pop-ups might be inclined to call 808-178-0085 and ask for professional help. However, the supposed technicians answering 808-178-0085 calls will not provide legitimate technical support, and you may risk losing data and money.. Security authorities alert that the 808-178-0085 phone number is operated by unlicensed technicians that may want to access your computer remotely. Do not call 808-178-0085 and ask for help, because the technicians you might talk to attempt to benefit from inexperienced users and might provide misleading information to convince you to pay more than $500 for their services.

The browser hijacker on your system may have been installed as a subsidiary add-on to programs like Wizard 101 and ZoomIt. The browser hijacker linked to 808-178-0085 may launch with your default Internet browser and prevent you from opening new tab pages and bookmarked websites. You need to install a reliable anti-spyware tool to clean your system and block unauthorized remote access to your PC.