7win-wellcome.com is a harmful website that promotes rogue security software such as Antivirus 7. 7win-wellcome.com has a few different URL variants such as; 5win-wellcome.com, 2win-wellcome.com and 3win-wellcome.com. 7win-wellcome.com is typically encountered by users whose browsers have been hijacked by Trojans. Once a user visits 7win-wellcome.com, a fake online system which has the same GUI as My Computer, will be conducted. Then scan reports, security alerts and pop-up windows will be displayed all claiming that the system is infected and the only solution is to purchase the "licensed" version of Antivirus 7. If you are redirected 7win-wellcome.com, have your system scanned for any Trojans or malware that could be responsible for the constant redirects.


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