By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The 66.com.ua site is promoted as a cool search launcher based on the character Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise. The 66.com.ua site features a minimalistic layout that offers a single search bar and a background image of Darth Vader looking with contempt for the Web user. The creator of the 66.com.ua portal is not known publicly, but we are aware that he/she have embedded a customized Yandex search on 66.com.ua. The Vader's Search ('Пошукова Машина Вейдера' in Russian) service is aimed at Russian-speaking users, but it supports 29 languages, most of which are spoken in Asia primarily. Additionally, the 'Vader66' site is promoted on forums and social media services favored in Russia actively.

The 'Vader66' search portal at 66.com.ua is not perceived as a reliable search service provider. A closer look at the code of the page and its layout reveals that 66.com.ua has not search filters and your connection to 66.com.ua is unencrypted. Third parties can monitor your input on 66.com.ua and alter the data received on your end. Using 66.com.ua may expose users to Man-in-the-Middle attacks with the NanoLocker Ransomware. Additionally, the 'Vader66' search portal supports text results only. You are not able to search for images, video, and audio while at 66.com.ua. The 66.com.ua site does not offer cached versions of the pages you may be interested in, and there is a panel on the right side that is dedicated to sponsored content. The developer of the Vader's Search is known to provide ads from the Google's AdWords and Yandex Ads, which allows him/her to double the profits from users loading 66.com.ua. There are reports that 66.com.ua is related to cases of browser hijacking. PC users are advised to avoid the download of free software from untrusted pages that may include browser hijackers. If you are redirected to 66.com.ua without your consent, you can use a trustworthy security scanner to remove riskware and browser hijackers related to 66.com.ua.


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