661-748-0240 Description

661-748-0240 is a phone number that has been found to be making a mockery out of Skype and computer users who may have the slightest clue about their computer supposedly having issues or errors. The 661-748-0240 number is a Skype phishing number that attempts to seek out computer users so the cybercrooks on the other end may use clever tactics to extort money from unsuspecting victims. The 661-748-0240 may show up on caller IDs or Skype messages where the outbound caller explains to the computer user how they are a representative on an entity like Microsoft and have discovered issues with their computer. The cybercrook may then go onto ask for personal information in a sneaky manor as a promises to fix any supposed computer issue that is erroneously represented on the phone call. The objective for the cybercrooks utilizing the 661-748-0240 number is to get enough information to access the affected computer user’s banking account information. Under no circumstances should computer users answer phone calls from the 661-748-0240 number, even if it shows up a Skype message or your phone’s caller ID. Malware infections may also be an attribute to allowing attackers to utilize the 661-748-0240 number and bogus phone call against computer users.

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  • bob:

    Said his name was Mark when I answer and he asked for me to donate to "Make Blondes Smarter!" after I said no he asked for my address and I refused. I then asked him for his full name and he then hung up. When I attempted to call back it could not complete the call because it was a Skype user.

  • kendra's escort agency:

    This idiot is a police informant harassing strippers,escorts and adult film star's. He calls gentlemen clubs and reports that a dancer will be kidnapped when she drives home. He also contacts agencies to inform them that he is looking for a porn actress who went missing and he is a nutty STALKER!! Please avoid this lunatic he has also been harassing escorts since 2011 as well

  • Jane Doe:

    This # continously calls asking for the owner. I said not available who's this calling. She won't answer but will keep calling back to back.

  • Steve:

    A Skype forum says this number is a generic default number generated by Skype. So, it could be from anyone and different people and "entities." Anyhow, my call went like this. They insulted me saying that my website is, cough, cough not ranking well on Google. We are an SEO company. Choke. I told him we are ranking well on all our industry keywords. He says "good luck." Yeah, good luck to you, too scammer.

  • guest:

    (661) 748 0240 appears on outbound calls for Skype users - who have not set up their Skype caller ID yet. A Skype forum says this number is a generic default number. So, it could be from anyone and different people and "entities," and perhaps from a real friend or family member. It is also found to be a "spoofed" phone number, which means CYBERCRIMINALS "tricked" your caller ID to display the incorrect or default skype phone number with a nefarious purpose. NO LEGITIMATE BUSINESS WOULD USE a Skype default # unless they're hiding something.

    Telemarketers do this so you cannot complain. Crooks do this to sell malware, scam you into giving them a remote connection of your computer to fix what is "infected with viruses", impersonate Microsoft, ISP or other company, to extort or commit other crimes. Criminals are noted to use personal information in the phone calls.

    Anyhow, my call went like this. They insulted me saying that my website is, cough, cough not ranking well on Google. We are an SEO company. Choke. I told him we are ranking well on all our industry keywords. He says "good luck." Yeah, good luck to you, too scammer.

  • K:

    they are targetting the elderly. report to law enforcement immediately.

  • Joye Hylton:

    I received a call from this number at 2:15 AM. It woke me up but by the time I got to the phone it had gone to voice mail. The message was a bunch of horns honking and just background noise!

  • C:

    I got a call from this number and she left a message for me to call her back at another number. She said her name was "Cher". She wanted to know if I was taking new patients.

  • clark:

    I have a skype account (you need one to use it), but I just put $10 in my account at a time - I don't use skype that often. Since I don't have a skype subscription for 6 months or a year or whatever, I was not given my own personal phone number. When you have your own number, people can call you using that number, and it should show up on their caller ID when you place a call. Because I don't have my own skype phone number, when I phone you your the caller ID will show a phone number that skype has available at the time for non-subscriber users.
    I'm sure some people use skype for their own particular evil purpose, and enjoy calling without leaving a phone number at which they could be traced. I am believe that most people who use skype as I do, just use it for regular calls because it is reliable and very inexpensive. For example, I can place a call to anyone in the USA from most any phone in Europe, for only 3 or 4 cents a minute, and the call is nearly as clear as if I were calling from next door. The number that shows up on their caller ID however, will be one of the skype US numbers available at the time of my call. If I had a regular subscription, it would show my personal phone number at which you could call back. So, if you get a call from this number, it could be from an undesirable caller, or it could be from your nephew Tim.

  • ooki:

    Got this call 2 times yesterday and 2 times today asking for the email address for the head of IT and general company email address. The caller ID came up as bruno_interconn. Don't know what he wanted.

  • Holly:

    I've seen "Skype" caller listed on my caller ID before so I let the phone go to speaker and kept very silent on this end. An East Indian, English speaking man on the other end kept asking "hello ? Hello?" and I let him go on until he hung up. I have family who use Skype and friends all over the country, internationally as well so occasionally I will put speaker on but say nothing. If it's someone I know they will know what to do.

  • Nathan:

    This is just a general skype number. It could be anyone calling you using skype -- good, bad, or indifferent.

  • MM:

    This number calls everyday at the same time, despite me telling him to stop. Some guy with a bad English accent, says he's calling from an investment company in London and has investors interested in our company...Uh huh.

  • mimi:

    I was using my computer and then a error message popped up saying my computer had a virus and to call Microsoft technician, there was a phone number provided. So I called and a"technician" with an Indian accent answered. He guided me through a few steps and then he had access to my computer. He showed me the problems that supposedly my computer had said my computer was going to crashed and I had to fix it right away. He said I had to pay $199.99 for 5yrs. for protection. At first I believed everything, but then I had second thoughts so I hang up and restarted my computer. They've been calling me back but I don't answered.and they don't leave a message.

  • dc:

    I just received a call on my cell phone right after I used skype on my computer!!! Thanks for the info now I know its scammers and have put them on my reject list.

  • Peg and Jay:

    This is just a nightmare. My hubby thought the caller was for real (it was a private number he was not paying attention) and the game was on. He got to the point where they wanted money and he got shaky because it's really my computer they were talking about. They gave him a number to call back for me to call them but in the meantime the applet window was open and he (hubby) freaked out. A microsoft tech named Tony (tony we love you) was able to regain control of our computer and restart us a to where we were 2 days before. Mealwhile they now have our phone number and we get calls from the skype number shown above as well as the following: 00-1696 and 70-0002 we get sometimes 3 or 4 a day now. Don't answer the phone, don't do anything they tell you. Tony said Microsoft never asks for money and they don't call you out of the blue. I knew that and my hubby knows now too. I just wish the phone calls would stop

  • Dale:

    Just got a call from this number - thinking it was my friend calling through Skype. I thought he was messing with me at first sounding like an Indian guy asking about business funding - so I played along - Do you make over $10k/month? - Sure! How much? - 1 million! Sir You make over 1million a month? - Sure!!! on and on - until I hung up - haha

  • laurie:

    I have an iphone and answered a call from this number previously and i think some kind of script was run as my contact info got all messed up. So, how do I check for a virus on an iphone?

  • thank you:

    Thank you for having this site up exposing this sham.

  • Harry:

    Got the call on our landline at the office - showed up as a Skype call. Once I said the lawfirm name, the person hung up quickly.

  • Pam:

    Received a call today at 5:14pm. The foreign man asked if I used windows 7. Then asked if I was in front of my computer. I told him no. He said get on your computer. This is when I hung the phone up.

  • DNC Me:

    My parents rec'd a call on their landline from this number on Saturday evening. Fortunately they were out and didn't pick up. Tried calling the number back but were told it's only a Skype number. After getting on-line and researching the number, I told them to ignore any future calls from this number, and not give out ANY info over the phone until they talk to me FIRST.

  • Anonymous:

    I just received a phone call on my cell asking me if I was the owner of such and such address. I told her No, you have the wrong number. She apologized for the interruption and hung up. She sounded young, but spoke perfect English.

    I googled the number before I came to this site and it says it belongs to Crazy Spades Entertainment, LLC so I called the number back. It IS a Skype number. Crazy Spades has a message on their website that says it is a false ad on Yellow Pages and they are working to have it removed.

  • techchick:

    I just received a phone call from this number, and immediately answered and said i think you have the wrong number. They tried to use a company name and wasn't even correctly saying it, then when i asked the guy what his name was he replied Jon Clark. Sorry but when you pause and are not capable of saying your name right away i pulled red flag, and then started questioning them right away, and then hug up and googled the number. They tried to tell me my computer software that was installed was not compatible to my computer and they were going to go in a delete it for me and give me my refund but first I had to share my screen with them.

  • Jimbo:

    I got a call from someone I know, showed up as 661 748-0240. I know he uses Skype. I googled it just out of curiosity to see where he was calling from and ended up here.
    Must be a generic Skype number that anyone can hack into and or use?

  • Maru:

    I just received a call on my cell phone from this number. I didn't answer but they left a voice mail saying that they loved me and they just wanted to hear my voice, and asked if I could call back. They left no name so I looked them up and found this site. Reporting the number as spam now.

  • Charlie:

    I got a call from this number at 1:19 AM this morning. I didn't answer so I don't know what it is all about.

  • David:

    I have an old cell phone, not a smart phone, that I use when I'm outside the house. I call forward my house number to it. These guys have called several times. The last time I was out watering my greenhouses, but I pretended I was on my computer. He'd tell me to do someone on my computer and I'd tell him I'd done it. They he'd ask for an IP number. I'd make one up and give it to him. Obviously he couldn't get in to my imaginary computer. Have to hand it to him, he was very patient, kept asking me to try things, I kept telling him I was doing that and then giving him wrong made-up answers. This went on for about 20 minutes before he said he needed to consult with a programmer and would call me back. I figured the 20 minutes I kept him tied up and going in circles saved 10 or so people from getting bothered on the phone. Got the watering done, too.

  • le:

    I got a call from this number 3-4 in past 3-4 week. from names Paul and Joseph telling me about my computer being infected and all and when I repeatedly tried to avoid the talks - in the most recent call he threatens/tells me that he will disconnect the internet port to my computer if I did not take their help.
    WOWWWW..........Such a scammers

    Also they have called me from another number 18553386023.

  • John:


    Criminal scammers trying to get control of my computer. Heavy Indian accent.

  • Umi:

    This is a very big criminal company that threatening people to kill them if don't give them money. I received their phone call, and they said they know my number so they can search my information, if I don't give them money, they will kill me!

  • Mike:

    I received the same type of call, but he claimed he was a Dell Tech and that they were showing that my computer was infected. He started to walk me through some steps that brought up a list of errors my computer was experiencing. When he said he needed to take control of my computer to fix it, I got suspicious and hung up. Called Dell...they said they do not monitor my computer. He called back again and argued with me that he really was from Dell. Hung up. Blocked the number. Call blocker list 11 more times he called in 4 days.

  • P:

    Man with Indian accent polite and pleasant, inquiring in a services I provide in Holistics. He then asked for a price then went on to offer double the amount. There was one request he expected to be for filled he wanted to massage my feet. He has been calling every day since, I don't answer but I was caught off guard and did today. Again, he is very polite. When I realize it was him, I told him sorry I am very busy, he asked if he may call at a later time, I just hung up

  • Brad:

    Flashing red pop up came up on my computer screen saying the system was infected with a virus and I needed to call 888-994-4480 immediately for help with the virus. When I called, man with Indian accent answered but he couldn't hear me. Someone called back from 678-666-4260; I became suspicious and asked to speak with a supervisor. The man hung up. A few minutes later someone by the name of David saying he was from Microsoft called from 661-748-0240; his number flashed "Spam Caller" on caller i.d. I confronted him about being a scammer and asked for the name of the business which he refused to give me. I asked where he was located and he refused to say so I hung up. These are criminals looking to actively defraud people by getting telephone access to their computers, infecting them with a virus then being paid to fix the problem they created. Give them no information about yourself.

  • Mark Fielding:

    This company calls from multiple different displaying area codes.

    We received a call from an Asian gentleman calling from 508-490-6000 identifying himself at Manny from TriNet asking for our CIO, so we put him directly through to voicemail as we do with all cold calls.

    Minutes later we get a call from another Indian gentleman calling on 559-515-8471 who identifies himself as Michael Peterson from Iron Mountain who also wants our CIO, so we transfer directly to voicemail.

    Seconds later we get a call from 661-748-0240 but it's Michael again asking for our CIO's email address.

    I asked if he left a voicemail, which he confirms he did. We advise as he keeps on calling from different area codes this is clearly a cold sales call and therefore as long as he's left a voicemail our CIO will reach out to him if interested.

  • craig:

    Got a call from this number claiming to be tech support

  • Bob Humphries:

    This number may be used by phishers, but it may also be used by legitimate Skype callers. I have had a call from a legitimate business contact known to me, using this number. It merely means that the caller/scammer/phisher has your number and is using Skype. Unfortunately, with the reselling of data lists, this is a constant risk, and is probably no more or less likely to happen than the usual overseas untraceable numbers.

  • jackson:

    I got a call that he asks me to tell him the pin of the cvs steam gift cards. I was wrong and he stolen my cards. How can I do?

  • Concerned person:

    Got a call from "annonymous" first stating they are with Microsoft support and that they get reported about programs not running on our system. He had me run helpme.net in our run drive and our system asked for a pin that he was going to provide me. Right there was the red flag and I asked for his credentials before entering the pin. After going around and around for his information, he then asked if we can continue and I let him know we will contact our person in charge of our security and if it is legit we will call him back and we can go through the process. He did give me an 800 number to call back but according to the internet it doesn't belong to any company and had the same posts (scam) as this number. He called back from a different number (661-748-0240) about 2 hours later and asked if we can continue. I again told him we need to verify who he is before we let him access to our system and all he could say was "I already gave you that information." When I said I just want to confirm what I wrote down he said "If you want to waste you time that's up to you. I already told you who I am and who I'm with." He even asked if he can come to our office physically to show us and I promptly told him absolutely not and that is not acceptable. The credentials he gave to me is his name is Steven Roger with Microsoft Server Support. Station number 8901 and ID number MX90001189. After reading the articles others have posted this is definitely a scam and no information should be given to them under any circumstances.

  • Skype lol:

    This is the default phone number when people make outgoing Skype calls to a regular phone. This phone number itself isn't a scam, but the people who are making the calls ARE scammers. It's just like if you went to your local pizza shop and used their phone, it would show their number, but obviously it would be you calling. It is important to use your critical thinking skills, friends.

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