3D Tree Browser Extension

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 11,717
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 74
First Seen: November 15, 2022
Last Seen: September 14, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The 3D Tree browser extension advertises itself as a fun and convenient addition to the users' browsing experience. The application will add an interactable 3D tree as a background image of the browser's tabs, as well as allow users to create manual shortcuts to frequently visited websites. However, when analyzed by infosec researchers, the 3D Tree browser extension also was observed to display many of the characteristic features associated with browser hijacker applications.

When installed on the user's device, the 3D Tree will take control of several, crucial browser settings - homepage, new tab page, default search engines, etc. Doing so will make it possible for the browser hijacker to start promoting a sponsored Web address. In this case, users will be redirected to a fake search engine at search.3dtree.net.

The site is classified as a fake search engine, due to its inability to produce search results on its own. The users' search queries will be further redirected to search.3dtree.net and the results will be taken from the legitimate Bing search engine. However, this may not always be the source destination, as some browser hijackers are capable of adjusting their behavior based on factors, such as the users' IP addresses or geolocations.


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