'24-support-global.expert' Pop-Ups

'24-support-global.expert' Pop-Ups Description

The '24-support-global.expert' pop-ups is a dubious website that attempts to trick Apple users into downloading various questionable applications onto their devices. In most cases, those are Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). The site tries to scare victims by making unfounded and false claims about unspecified malware being found on the device blatantly to achieve its goal.

Landing on the '24-support-global.expert' pop-ups will present users with a message claiming that they have been infected with a total of 13 viruses that have somehow caused 62% damage to the browser; whatever that may mean, though, is anyone's guess. To further push its agenda, the tactic website warns that the 'browser Trojan viruses' could infect the user's Facebook account, WhatsApp messages and other private applications. Tapping or clicking the button displayed by the site will result in the installation of a PUP that can have various capabilities. It may be adware tasked with the generation of intrusive advertisements or a browser hijacker that will take over the device's browser and force it into dubious redirects.

The '24-support-global.expert' Pop-Ups also have been observed to conduct a different tactic. In this case, the website tries to convince visitors to install a VPN application by claiming that this is the only option to continue watching content online.

The '24-support-global.expert' pop-ups tactic is among the most popular ones directed at Apple users. That is why it is important to always keep in mind that it is impossible for a website to perform a scan and detect any malware threats.

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