'2015 Rewards Survey' Pop-Up

'2015 Rewards Survey' Pop-Up Description

'2015 Rewards Survey' pop-up windows may appear while you surf the Web and may obstruct your comfortable Internet experience. Security researchers warn that the '2015 Rewards Survey' pop-ups in your browser are caused by adware infection on your PC, and you are not advised to follow links provided by adware. The '2015 Rewards Survey' adware may have arrived on your machine incorporated with a free application installer that most users handle with the 'Typical' or 'Express' option. The '2015 Rewards Survey' pop-ups may use a colorful message suggesting that you were specially selected to participate in a survey and win rewards upon completion, but users may be redirected to harmful domains. The adware associated with the '2015 Rewards Survey' pop-ups is created to generate affiliate revenue for its developers and may suggest you to install riskware such as ZoomIt and VuuPC to earn pay-per-install revenue. The information presented on the '2015 Rewards Survey' pop-ups should not be trusted because it is delivered by adware and users could be promised a high-end phone or a vacation in exchange for their credit card and phone number. Needless to say, the '2015 Rewards Survey' pop-ups could be used by scammers to perform financial scams and earn pay-per-click revenue. Users may want to install a trusted anti-spyware shield to block pop-ups and purge the '2015 Rewards Survey' adware.