123prize.net Description

Type: Adware

123prize.net's whole purpose of existing is to deliver questionable content to its visitors. The site achieves its goal by proliferating a popular browser-based tactic. Users who land on the page will be shown numerous deceptive and manipulative messages. Depending on the exact scenario being used currently, these messages may imply that the page is doing a CAPTCHA check, that a file is ready for download, a video will become accessible and more. No matter what the exact text of the message is, it will always urge users into clicking the displayed 'Allow' button.

What the site doesn't clarify explicitly is that users who click the button will be subscribed to the page's push notification services. This will result in the site obtaining important browser permissions that will be abused to run an intrusive ad campaign. Numerous dubious and untrustworthy advertisements will be delivered to the user's device. The advertisements will continue to appear even if the affected browser is closed completely.

Users should avoid clicking on any of the generated advertisements. Otherwise, they risk being redirected to suspicious or unsafe websites. It is quite common for advertisements delivered by such con pages to redirect to other online tactics, such as fake giveaways or phishing schemes. Users also may land on sites promoting intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

In fact, such a PUP may be the reason why 123prize.net was encountered in the first place. Users should regularly scan their computers or devices for suspicious applications that may have snuck onto them unnoticed.

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