Zula Games

By ESGI Advisor in Potentially Unwanted Programs

Numerous computer users have complained of problems associated with a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) known as Zula Games. Zula Games is presented in the form of an unwanted Web browser toolbar or add-on that makes numerous unwanted changes to the affected Web browser settings and causes a variety of symptoms on the affected computer. Computer users have complained that content associated with Zula Games may change the affected Web browser's default search engine, home page and default new tab Web page. Content associated with Zula Games is also designed to deliver advertisements to the affected Web browser, often linking these advertisements to the content being displayed on the affected Web browser. Web browser extensions associated with Zula Games may affect the most popular Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Since Zula Games is considered as a PUP and has been linked to known problems on affected computers, PC security researchers strongly recommend its immediate removal from the affected Web browser.

Symptoms and Problems Associated with Zula Games

Zula Games is designed to modify the affected Web browser's default search engine, both to protect Zula Games from removal and to promote its own websites and online content. Typically, Zula Games is installed by bundling Zula Games with freeware software from low quality sources. The following are symptoms that have been associated with Zula Games and similar PUP infections:

  • Zula Games may change the affected Web browsers default search provider and online search engine. Search engines associated with Zula Games may not deliver reliable search results but, instead, deliver sponsored links and what are essentially advertisements.
  • Zula Games also may make changes to the affected Web browser settings, changing the affected Web browser's security settings and changing the homepage to a Web page associated with Zula Games.
  • Zula Games may add a Web browser toolbar to the victim's Web browser which allows 'searches' to be carried out from the affected Web browser address bar. However, these 'searches' do not return reliable results, but instead return sponsored search results from one of Zula Games affiliates.
  • Zula Games may cause browser redirects to 'page not found' pages, preventing computer users from connecting to websites associated with system security.
  • Zula Games may display advertisements on the affected Web browser, both in the form of pop-ups and in-text contextual advertisements.

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