Threat Database Adware Zombie Invasion Ads

Zombie Invasion Ads

By CagedTech in Adware

Zombie Invasion is adware that may show pop-up advertisements labeled as 'Ads by Zombie Invasion' on the computer. Zombie Invasion may use bundled freeware to spread and enter the computer. Zombie Invasion shows messages by Zombie Invasion at the bottom of each website the computer user visits. The computer user may also see hyperlinks inserted to websites that the computer user visits. Highlighted words with double underline may be added that may show Zombie Invasion pop-ups advertisements if the computer user moves a mouse over them. If the computer user clicks on any links from the pop-up window labeled as 'Ads by Zombie Invasion' or messages shown by Zombie Invasion, the computer user may get unwillingly rerouted to questionable websites.

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computer is infected due to zombie invasion ads. Im not able to remove these pop up ads. PLEASE HELP

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