ZipConvertAce is an intrusive browser add-on that anti-virus products detect as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.) It is essential to add that software of this type is not harmful or threatening in any way – having it on your computer is not a reason to worry about your online safety. However, ZipConvertAce can be annoying because of its ability to manipulate your Web browser's configuration without your authorization. ZipConvertAce uses this ability to replace the default new tab page and search engine you use. Instead of your favorite sites, ZipConvertAce will redirect you to 3rd-party search engines with questionable behavior and reputation.

The ZipConvertAce PUP is likely to be promoted as a useful archive management tool. Still, you can rest assured that its features are not worth it considering the unwanted changes it brings. PUPs should be erased to undo the changes they have made to your Web browser – however, if you are happy with ZipConvertAce's services, it is perfectly safe to continue using it.

To avoid issues like the ones that ZipConvertAce causes, you should make sure to keep your system protected by a trustworthy anti-malware application. It also is not a bad idea to investigate the reputation and reviews of software you are about to install, as well as to keep a close eye on the permissions that new software demands.


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