Zestradar.com Description

Most Web browsers nowadays have the ‘Website Notification’ feature. Many Web pages will ask you to allow them to send notifications, and some can be very useful. Such examples could be websites that would notify you when an item on your wish list gets a discount, pages that would supply you with the latest breaking news stories, or streaming platforms, which would let you know when your favorite creators are live. However, not all websites, which request the notification permission, are going to provide you with quality content. Some, like the Zestradar.com website, will instead take advantage of this permission and spam you with unwanted notifications constantly.

Bombards Users with Notifications

The Zestradar.com Web page appears to be a low-quality website, which contains blog-posts regarding various topics. Some of the topics that the Zestradar.com website covers are gadgets, design, movies, travel, etc. However, as we mentioned, this Web page hosts low-quality content, and we can assure you that you can find better sources for information than Zestradar.com certainly. Users who browse the Zestradar.com website will be asked to grant the page permission to send browser notifications. If the user agrees, the Zestradar.com Web page will not hesitate to begin bombarding them with notifications about posts. This is done in the hope that the user will then click on the notification and be redirected to the Zestradar.com website. This way, the creators of the Zestradar.com Web page manage to generate ad revenue from clicks and traffic. The individuals behind the dubious website even go a step further and use the services of shady advertising networks, which will make sure that even users who are not browsing the Web page would receive a prompt asking them to allow notifications from the Zestradar.com page.

Thankfully, the Zestradar.com website does not appear to promote other dodgy content. Many Web pages that are similar to Zestradar.com tend to push shady content like adult entertainment websites, fake giveaways, and dubious gambling platforms.

If you are receiving browser notifications from the Zestradar.com, we would advise you to go to your browser’s settings and revoke all permissions you have given to the page. This will put an end to the constant annoying notifications, and you can once again browse in peace.

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