Zeromax Stealer

Zeromax Stealer Description

Zeromax Stealer is the name of a new hacking tool that is available for purchase on several online hacking forums. The Zeromax Stealer tool is offered as a malware-as-a-commodity to anyone who is willing to pay the asked price. Malware developers often take this approach instead of using their creations themselves. This is because this scheme allows them to generate cash from their hacking tools without engaging in illicit behavior, which helps them avoid having a target on their backs.

The creators of the Zeromax Stealer are promoting this hacking tool as a utility that is designed to go after data related to online services that process payment transactions such as PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Booking, AirBNB, Expedia, etc. The Zeromax Stealer also appears to target various cryptocurrency wallets, as well as traditional financial institutions. Interestingly enough, the creators of the Zeromax Stealer have developed a marketplace for all the users of this threat. In this marketplace, the users of the Zeromax Stealer can re-sell the data and banking details they have obtained from their victims to other customers who are using the same service. This means that the Zeromax Stealer users do not need to carry out fraudulent financial transactions themselves, as they can simply sell the data they have collected to willing third parties.

The distributors of the Zeromax Stealer may be using countless infection vectors to propagate this nasty infostealer – phishing emails, fake social media posts, torrent trackers, game cracks, pirated media, etc. If you want your system always protected from threats like the Zeromax Stealer, it is advisable to consider investing in a genuine, up-to-date anti-malware suite.