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ZenSearch.com is a low quality search engine that is closely associated with a Web browser extension or plug-in generally considered as a Potentially Unwanted Program. The main goal of ZenSearch.com is not to provide useful services or help computer users carry out online searches. Rather, the main goal of ZenSearch.com is to generate revenue by letting them vulnerable to advertising material, causing problems on the affected Web browser, directing traffic to ZenSearch.com and other sponsored websites and compromising the victim's privacy and security. PUPs associated with ZenSearch.com may affect the most popular Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Since they may present a risk to your privacy and security malware analysts strongly recommend removing all content associated with ZenSearch.com from your computer at once.

How Marketers Use ZenSearch.com to Profit at Your Expense

The main goal of low quality search engines like ZenSearch.com and their associated PUPs is to generate revenue and profit at the expense of inexperienced computer users. The following are common ways in which this may occur:

  1. One of the most popular ways in which marketers use ZenSearch.com to profit is by displaying numerous pop-up windows and suspicious error messages. These may typically contain numerous advertisements and affiliate marketing links with the purpose of generating advertisement revenue directly from the computer user whenever an advertisement is viewed or clicked on.
  2. PUPs associated with ZenSearch.com may compromise computer users' security by monitoring their online activities and Web browser settings. This data may be gathered by content associated with ZenSearch.com and then sold to a third party or used by PUPs linked to ZenSearch.com themselves in order to deliver specific advertisements to the affected Web browser. This intrusion in your privacy may be used to carry out identity theft scams or credit card fraud.
  3. PUPs associated with ZenSearch.com are designed to force computer users to visit specific websites, increasing their traffic, page ranking and revenue from page views and advertisement clicks.

File System Details

ZenSearch.com may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. IEWrap.dll
2. IEWrap_x64.dll
3. IEStart.exe
4. IEStart_x64.exe
5. IeZenSearch.dll
6. uninstall000.exe
7. IeZenSearch_x64.dll

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