Threat Database Adware '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Computer users that experience browser redirects and pop-up windows by should know that it is a redirect-gateway that is associated with adware. You may have installed the adware associated with by using the 'Typical' or 'Express' option of a free program installer unknowingly. The domain does not have content, and it is used by the adware to redirect users to advertising content. The adware is known to facilitate its redirects with the platform by Propeller Ads Media and monetize its activities. is a legitimate platform for monetizing ads, but adware developers should not exploit ad-networks for monetary gain. PC users infected with adware linked to should be careful because the redirects that follow after may lead them to install badware like Video Download Converter Toolbar and SafePCRepair Toolbar. The adware may collect information like your system and browser type, IP and MAC address and hardware configuration to find and display better-suited advertisements. The adware in question may appear as a browser extension, add-on or Brower Helper Object and have a general name such as HTML player, Mail and something of the sort. Users that see unknown plug-ins attached to their browsers may suspect infection with the adware related to As stated above, the browser redirects and pop-up windows may lead users to install potentially harmful software and visit unsafe Internet locations. You need to install a reputable anti-malware application that can find and delete the binary associated with on your PC.


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