Yworthth.online is one of the countless rogue websites that trick users into subscribing to browser notifications through misleading click-bait tactics. Its final goal is to run potentially harmful advertising campaigns by sending advertisements to users' computers or mobile phones directly. Like its related pages, Yworthth.online accomplished its intentions through a social engineering trick – it shows to its visitors a black screen along with an alert which says:

'Yworthth.online wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Unfortunately, since such pages continue to exists and new ones emerge daily, there are still enough people who fall into that trap and click on the 'Allow' button. Probably, naïve users believe the website would load some content. However, the only thing that happens after clicking on that button is that Yworthth.online gets all needed permissions to display undesired pop-ups and banners on users' screens. The annoying notifications from this page will show up even if no browser is open, and their vast amounts may even cause the device to slow down, not perform as usual, and even crash or freeze.

Yworthth.online pop-ups are also a threat to users' online security as they can contain links that redirect to other potentially corrupted websites. Another critical issue is that redirects to pages like Yworthth.online often come from an adware threat installed on the user's computer. Therefore, it is recommended that affected users run an anti-malware scan to protect their data.


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