Threat Database Adware 'Your Windows Is Infected' Pop-Up

'Your Windows Is Infected' Pop-Up

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Your Windows Is Infected' notifications that are loaded in a new tab named 'WARNING: CPU VIRUS ALERT' should not be trusted. Websites that suggest your system is compromised and prevent you from switching to another tab are more than likely to offer misleading information and lure you to call fake computer support agents. The 'Your Windows Is Infected' warnings are known to be hosted on pages with random names and aim to convince the users that their PCs are infected with cyber parasites under the names of 'Rootkit.Siref.Spy' and 'Trojan.FakeAV-Download.' You would see that 'Rootkit.Siref.Spy' and 'Trojan.FakeAV-Download' are legitimate detection names if you search it online. However, the threats listed on the 'Your Windows Is Infected' warnings are not likely to be on your system. The goal of the 'Your Windows Is Infected' alerts is to incite panic. The message displayed via the 'WARNING: CPU VIRUS ALERT' new tab reads:

System Detected (2) Potentially Malicious Viruses: Rootkit.Siref.Spy and Trojan.FakeAV-Download. Your Personal & Financial Information IS NOT SAFE
To Remove Viruses. Call Tech Support Online Now:
(High Priority Virus Removal Call tine)
Your IP address: [YOUR REAL IP] | Generated on: [DATE] | Priority: Urgent

Computer security researchers add that the 'Your Windows Is Infected'/WARNING: CPU VIRUS ALERT' alerts may suggest users call toll-free phone lines like 888-609-8516 & (800) 497-5972. Users may be invited to use a "High Priority Virus Removal Call Line" that is managed by an employee of Microsoft. The phone lines displayed on the 'WARNING: CPU VIRUS ALERT' new tabs and the 'Your Windows Is Infected' pop-ups are not registered by the Microsoft Corp., and you are not provided with legitimate technical assistance with your problems. PC users compromised by a browser hijacker may be rerouted to pages with the 'Your Windows Is Infected' notifications whenever the browser is opened, and you switch to a new tab page. Browser hijackers are dispersed to users via software bundles that may include a clean copy of Adobe Flash and Java, as well as an unwanted component. Usually, the modified updates to Flash and Java are promoted through sites with names like,, and You may be interested in using a credible anti-spyware scanner that can erase the browser hijackers related to the 'Your Windows Is Infected' pop-ups and block connections to unreliable sites.


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