Your Search Tool

The Your Search Tool Web browser extension is yet another bogus add-on that claims to provide its users with helpful tools when this is certainly not the case. The Your Search Tool states that it will help users get more relevant results to their searches.

However, instead of providing you with useful tips and features, the Your Search Tool will meddle in your Web browser settings as soon as you install it. This dodgy Web browser extension will change your default search engine by replacing it with an affiliated one – It is likely that this new default search engine will deliver less relevant results, as it will likely promote sponsored content. This means that not only the Your Search Tool extension will not improve your browsing quality, but it will diminish it. No legitimate Web browser add-on will change your settings automatically.

Malware researchers advise users who have installed the Your Search Tool to remove it from their systems. This application will not provide them with any useful tools. You can easily get rid of the Your Search Tool extension via your Web browser settings.


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