Threat Database Adware 'YOUR LIFE IS AT RISK' Email Scam


The 'YOUR LIFE IS AT RISK' email scam is a rather blatant attempt to scare people into paying money as a protection against a non-existent threat. The email itself is written in significantly broken English. The fraudsters state that they have been hired to carry out a mission of 'splashing acid' in the face of the email's recipient. No one can deny the seriousness and lifelong consequences of attacks involving acid, but the best course of action when dealing with scheme emails such as this is to ignore them simply.

In no way should you even remotely consider contacting the senders or sending any amount of money to them. And, in 'YOUR LIFE IS AT RISK' email scam's case, the perpetrators are indeed rather greedy; they demand a payment of $1000 in Bitcoin, which should be sent to a specified cryptocurrency wallet address. The money will supposedly guarantee that the fraudsters will remain 'inactive.'

Although the 'YOUR LIFE IS AT RISK' email scam may seem rather serious at first glance, the best response is to delete the email and move on with your day.

The text of the 'YOUR LIFE IS AT RISK' Email Scam is:


Good day. I have a website in the darkweb, I perform all kinds of services – basically it is destruction to property and injury. Basically, all but the shooting. Often main reasons are rejected love or competition at workplace. This week she contacted me and set me the mission of splashing acid in your face. Default practice – quickly, painfully, for life. Without too much fuss. I get receive only after finishing the order. Thus, now I propose you pay me to be inactive, I propose this to nearly all the victims. If I do not receive money from you, then my person will fulfill the mission. If you give me money, besides to my inactivity, I will provide you the info that I have about the client. After finishing the mission, I always lose the performer, so I have a selection, to get $1000 from you for info about the customer and my inaction, or to receive $2000 from the customer, but with a big probability of spending the performer.

I'm getting paid in Bitcoin, here's my bitcoin address: bc1q5hv73h8g8lyttk5dkp0v7lfnk6q97wdny6384g If you do not understand how, look online how to buy bitcoin. The amount I indicated above. You have 48 hours to decide and pay.'


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