Threat Database Adware 'Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift' Scam

'Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift' Scam

By GoldSparrow in Adware

If you browse low-quality Web pages often, you may have come across the 'Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift' scam. Dodgy websites that host pornographic content, pirated movies, and TV shows, and similar content are likely to expose their visitors to the 'Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift' scam. The operators of this scheme try to convince users that their IP address has been chosen to win a great prize from Google.

To make this tactic appear more believable, the operators of the 'Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift' scam add some interesting details to this campaign:

  • The con-artists are able to intercept your IP and therefore determine your approximate location.
  • The operators of the tactic are able to determine your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • The conmen require users to complete a survey that contains rather simple questions.
  • The creators of the 'Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift' scam add fake reviews from past winners that are all flawless.

Another social engineering trick that the con-artists are implementing is claiming that there are nine winners selected, but the Google gifts are only five. If the users want to be among the five people receiving the prize promised, they will be required to provide the con artists with sensitive information such as phone number, full name, home address, etc. Some conmen go as far as requiring payment details too, as they often claim the user needs to pay 'delivery fee' for their prize. Needless to say, one should not give out their personal information to shady websites. If a page is claiming you have won a high-value prize, it is likely a tactic, and you should ignore it. 

The 'Your IP has Won (1) Google Gift' scam is not a new trick. Con-artists have been running this tactic for years as many users still fall for it. Avoid sites and pop-ups that claim to offer you amazing prizes – it is most likely a scheme, and you may end up giving your data or payment information to conmen.


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