The is a fake website, like numerous others, that has one sole purpose induce its visitors to grant it permission to display Web browser notifications. Web browser notifications can be very helpful as long as they are utilized correctly and are displayed by legitimate websites. For example, genuine Web pages can inform their visitors about breaking news, send them reminders, or inform them about new deals via the user's browser notifications. However, shady sites like the page utilize the users' Web browser notifications to flood them with unwanted and often irrelevant advertisements.

Tricks Users into Permitting Web Browser Notifications

Unfortunately, not only are the constant notifications irritating and disruptive, but they may be pushing fake services and low-quality products too. To generate revenue, operators of dubious websites like the site would cooperate with dodgy advertisement networks. Such advertisement networks would often promote dodgy cybersecurity tools, adult content, gambling platforms and other shady services that are not to be trusted. To trick the user into allowing it to display Web browser notifications, the website would require them to pass a bogus CAPTCHA that is meant to serve as a proof that the user is not a robot. To pass the fake test, the visitor would be asked to click on the 'Allow' button.

However, clicking this button would allow the dodgy website to display notifications in the user's Web browser, even if they are browsing other websites. Another technique the operators of the site have implemented is to claim that their page is hosting some engaging media that can only be viewed if the user follows the site's instructions. However, following the dodgy page's instructions would lead to one outcome - allowing it to bombard you with unwanted Web browser notifications.

The activity of the website cannot be classified as unsafe, but it is nonetheless highly disruptive. Users who are receiving Web browser notifications from the site are advised to revoke all the permissions given to this dodgy page via their Web browser's settings immediately.


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