The Yadbazelet software from Search.yadbazelet.com may surprise Mac users with a new default search and an unfamiliar new tab page. The Yadbazelet program is a browser add-on that Mac users might install alongside a free media player, a radio application and software distribution platforms. The Yadbazelet app might be installed to your Safari Web browser as an add-on with a size of 1.9 MB. Custom application markets that offer access to free software may require participating Mac users to install the Yadbazelet browser add-on before acquiring available free content on their platform. The Yadbazelet application is believed to be used by marketers to track your Internet activity, search queries, downloaded files and bookmarks collection. Custom application markets that offer free applications might collect user-related data and share it with advertisers and marketers as a way to monetize otherwise free software products.

The Yadbazelet program might not cause damage to your OS and slow it down. However, Yadbazelet may be used by ad networks to recognize your device on the Internet and maintain an advertising profile about you. The Yadbazelet browser add-on may use persistent tracking cookies and substitute the native advertisements on your favorite sites. Yadbazelet is considered a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that was reported of changing the user's default search engine to Search.yadbazelete.com and showing quick search results in Safari. Mac users who are not willing to share Internet usage statistics with unknown third parties associated with Search.yadbazelet.com might want to uninstall the Yadbazelet program. You can clean leftover files and tracking cookies created by the Yadbazelet application using help from a trusted anti-spyware scanner.


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