'xsocksx.exe' CPU Miner

The 'xsocksx.exe' CPU Miner is a process that stands for a Trojan horse infection. It works by disrupting digital cryptocurrency such as Monero and Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrency kinds that utilize the resources of a computer. The user is often none the wiser due to the stealthy nature of the threat. The 'xsocksx.exe' CPU Miner miners are different, built-in software that can be found on the Internet for free. The main disadvantage of this freeware is that there could be more to it than meets the eye. The 'xsocksx.exe' CPU Miner is one such example as it can be bundled in such software combinations and installed without the knowledge of the user.

Examples of the 'xsocksx.exe' CPU Miner behavior is when it starts to use up the CPU, effectively becoming a resource hog for its own purposes without the user’s knowledge. Once the installation is complete, the 'xsocksx.exe' CPU Miner tends to slow down the affected computers to a crawl. This can turn most heavily in used computers, such as those of gamers to stutter and even freeze at times due to being starved for system resources. This overtaxing type of the processor may end up in it wearing out faster and shortening its lifespan so that users are advised to get rid of xsockx.exe as soon as possible.

Potential symptoms of an xsockx.exe presence may include the following:

  • CPU and graphics card usage and temperatures jumping drastically as the 'xsocksx.exe' CPU Miner uses up system resources.
  • The Web browsing is slowed down significantly.
  • The launching of software also takes much longer than usual.
  • Your PC performs poorly overall.


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