Xpert RAT

The Xpert RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is a hacking tool that has been known to cause a fair bit of havoc. Unlike some hacking tools, which are kept private by hacking groups strictly, the Xpert RAT is popular, widely spread, and most importantly – free. This Remote Access Trojan is being distributed between cyber crooks on underground hacking forums. The reason why APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) hacking groups keep their hacking tools on the down low is that they do not want their creations to be on the radar of malware experts who would dissect and study them. However, with how widely popular Xpert RAT is, it is far more likely that anti-spyware applications will detect it as a threat and warn the user. Despite this, the Xpert RAT is still very successful due to the sheer number of cybercriminals spreading it.

It is not certain how Xper RAT is being propagated completely, but since it is spread so vastly, it is likely that all tactics are employed in its propagation – pirated media, spam email campaigns, fraudulent updates, etc. A RAT operates by infecting your system and then letting the attacker gain access to it. Different RATs are able to carry our different actions when they have infiltrated a PC.

The Xpert RAT has a pretty expansive list of capabilities. Once it has sneaked into your system, the Xpert RAT would allow the attackers to record audio, log keystrokes, access the webcam and use it to record video. Furthermore, Xpert RAT will provide the attackers with information about the user's system settings and hardware, as well as all the processes that are running and software that is installed. By employing Xpert RAT, the perpetrators of the attack will be able to operate with shell commands on the compromised PC, download and upload files, modify the Windows Registry and set up remote desktop control.

Of course, many capable hackers like to add their own plugins to the threats they use. One of the most popular ones for the Xpert RAT is a plugin, which enables the attackers to siphon login credentials, which have been saved on the infiltrated machine.

With rampant threats like Xpert RAT circulating the Internet, it is even more important to stress how critical it is to have an anti-malware tool installed, which is bound to keep you safe from such pests.


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