Threat Database Adware

The Web page is one of the numerous dodgy or outright useless websites on the Internet. The not only does not host any valuable content, but launching it would often lead the user to an empty page. Many users have reported that the page has tried to trick them into permitting the site to display Web browser notifications or mobile notifications. The operators of the website appear to be using various social engineering techniques to achieve this goal.

It Spams Users with Web Browser Notifications

One of the tricks that the page’s authors use, is to present users with a bogus prompt on a few of their subpages. Supposedly, the purpose of the prompt is for the users to confirm that they are legitimate and not a bot. Normally, such security measures ask the user to write down letters or numbers that are seen on the screen, click on pictures of similar objects or solve a quick problem. However, the page requires the user to click an ‘Allow’ button, which it presents as a CAPTCHA. Clicking on the ‘Allow’ button would enable the website to start spamming you with Web browser notifications that are likely to affect your browsing quality and cause irritation. The page uses the user’s Web browser notification to promote various products and services. The advertisements that the user will be spammed with will not only be irrelevant and unwanted but also may promote low-quality or even fake services and products. These would often include shady gambling platforms, adult entertainment pages, bogus raffles, etc. If you are receiving notifications from the website, we would advise you to avoid clicking on these advertisements as they are not trustworthy.

Users should avoid browsing dubious websites as they are often the home of all sorts of tricks and shenanigans that may end up costing one dearly. Thankfully, the page has not planted any software on your system, and you should be able to rid yourself of this pest easily. You can go to your Web browser’s settings and make sure you revoke all permissions that may have been granted to this dodgy website. Furthermore, you may want to use a genuine anti-malware tool to run a quick scan on your system to be sure that your computer has not been infiltrated.


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