X New Tab Page(Extension)

The X New Tab Page(Extension) application is packed as a browser extension for Google Chrome that you can download and install from Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/x-new-tab-pageextension/nejjhhjbbdlbnpfhbclcilanmofmgdlk. The X New Tab Page(Extension) application is listed as a product by www[.]newtabplus[.]com, but the site is unavailable. We managed to find two more clones of X New Tab Page(Extension) that are published on the Chrome Web Store by 94994.com that include:

  • X New Tab Page at Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/x-new-tab-page/cbmbfafhdccfgdgnbkgogehiklmemkoh
  • X New Tab Page(ShortCut) at Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/x-new-tab-pageshortcut/ojdboomehailnhcfoejdjjmmfjcpkjpl

The X New Tab Page(Extension) application and its clones are promoted to empower the new tab in Google Chrome with a customizable speed dial, which is a native feature in the Opera Browser. The X New Tab Page(Extension) New Tab support mouse gestures and you can edit the initial set of links provided to you after installing the app. The goal of the app appears to be the promotion of items on Walmart, Amazon, AliExpress, Best Buy, Target and Newegg.com. The X New Tab Page(Extension) application is known to generate notifications in the browser and record information like your Internet history, bookmarks, frequently visited pages, and installed apps for marketing purposes.

X New Tab Page(Extension), X New Tab Page and X New Tab Page(ShortCut) are deemed as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) that enable users to add custom shortcuts to pages and monetize the user's online activity by sharing data with advertisers and showing targeted commercials. Web users who are not ready to share information on their online behavior with marketers via X New Tab Page(Extension) might want to avoid the application. Computer security researchers add that X New Tab Page(Extension) may save persistent tracking cookies to your machine and you may need a trustworthy anti-spyware scanner to remove the app and related files completely.


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