XFirefox.exe Description

The XFirefox.exe program is classified as an adware that is based on the legitimate Mozilla Firefox Developer Build. An unknown programmer has modified a copy of the Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition and made it load advertisements, promotional images and video commercials on set intervals while the infected computer is activated. The XFirefox.exe adware may be distributed among the Windows OS users via free software bundles and may be listed as an improved version of Mozilla Firefox that includes new features. The XFirefox.exe adware is known to make modifications to the task scheduler and add a startup entry to the MSCONFIG utility in Windows. Affected users reported that two instances of Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition pop up at random intervals and load ads related to cars, clothing, electronics, jewelry, etc.

The windows opened by XFirefox.exe may include content from untrusted pages and feature links to unreliable online shops. The XFirefox.exe adware may attempt to block the user from closing the windows for up to one minute and make sure it has generated pay-per-view revenue for its developer. The pages opened by the XFirefox.exe are recorded to a file named prev.dat, which is saved to the SysWow64 folder under the Windows directory on the primary system drive. Evidently, the XFirefox.exe adware keeps a log of its activity, which can be used to blacklist domains and networks associated with the cyber parasite. You should note that the XFirefox.exe adware may abuse legitimate services to load marketing materials and claim revenue for its author. It is best to avoid interaction with the windows shown by the XFirefox.exe adware and cancel the download of software and media initiated via XFirefox.exe. PC users that are presented with multiple windows of the Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition are likely to be infected with the XFirefox.exe adware. You should consider using a reputable anti-malware suite that can find the root directory for XFirefox.exe and delete associated files on the system.