Threat Database Adware

By GoldSparrow in Adware

When installing a new cost-free program, computer users should be very attentive to details, because these programs may have optional applications included. is one of these applications since its installation by the computer users is not likely to happen. is related to an adware application that, when inside a computer, may create unwanted and annoying issues. For example, whenever you browse the Internet you will be forced to see advertisements that will pop-up automatically on your screen, which will disrupt whatever you are trying to accomplish. may open a path for additional adware to be installed on the affected computer. The adware linked to may keep track of your online activities and share it with third parties for marketing purposes. The advertisements displayed by may promote the installation of additional questionable content including optimization utilities, Web browser toolbars, and other products so that the adware developer may generate pay-per-click revenue. PC users should rid their computers of by using a reputable anti-malware tool.


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