By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The Www-search.net website is a low quality search engine and advertisement platform that is associated with the Tuvaro Web browser hijacker, a known Potentially Unwanted Program that may be in association with numerous unwanted symptoms on affected Web browsers. Once installed, these types of PUPs modify the default search engine and home page of your Web browser to Www-search.net. Despite its appearance as a legitimate search engine, the main purpose of Www-search.net is not to deliver search results but to trick inexperienced computer users into downloading and installing harmful PUPs or to click on affiliate marketing links and various types of advertising content. PUPs associated with Www-search.net may affect the most used Web browsers on Windows. Web browsers that may be forced to redirect computer users to Www-search.net or display advertisement content linked to Www-search.net include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Symptoms associated with Www-search.net indicate the presence of an unwanted component on your Web browser that, for the sake of your PC's health, needs to be deactivated instantly and an updated and trustworthy anti-malware tool will help you with the task.

Www-search.net Search Results Lead to the Installation of PUPs

PUPs associated with Www-search.net change your Web browser settings, often appearing in the form of irritating Web browser extensions that are difficult to remove entirely using the normal method. These PUPs also make changes that force your Web browser to visit Www-search.net repeatedly. Many of these changes to your Web browser settings may remain after the offending PUP has been removed, meaning that it may be necessary to re-install the affected Web browser or change these settings back to normal manually.

In many cases, Tuvaro or other PUPs associated with Www-search.net can be removed using normal software removal methods or these PUPs own uninstallation utility. However, there may be traces of the PUP left over after removal. Because of this, malware analysts also recommend computer users to protect their computer with a reliable, fully updated security program and to follow safe Web browsing guidelines.


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