Threat Database Browser Hijackers Www_getwindowinfo/.com


By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

Security researchers have received reports of pop-ups and advertising material that may interrupt computer users attempting to use the affected Web browser. pop-ups are caused by Potentially Unwanted Programs installed on the affected Web browser. PUPs associated with may present themselves as add-ons or Web browser toolbars and may affect most Web browsers on the Windows operating system, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. As soon as PUPs associated with are installed on an affected Web browser, they may begin to cause a wide variety of issues. PC security researchers regard content associated with as potentially harmful to computers and vigorously recommend the immediate removal of these PUPs with a proper anti-malware application.

Why Malware Researchers do not Recommend

PC security researchers have received reports of numerous problems associated with There are issues that may be caused by with and its related PUPs such as:

  • Content associated with may alter the affected Web browser's settings. These kinds of PUPs may make alterations on the affected Web browser's default search engine or homepage to or to websites associated with, such as low quality search engines such as Conduit. They may also lower the affected Web browser's security settings.
  • The main problem related to is the appearance of numerous, irritating, inconvenient pop-up messages. These types of pop-up windows may contain advertisements for a variety of low quality websites and online services. However, the most threatening type of message associated with consists of a fake error message designed to trick inexperienced computer users into downloading PUPs or threats.
  • Performance issues on the Web browsers may be created by PUPs associated with These types of PUPs may cause a Web browser to slow down or freeze frequently.


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