Threat Database Adware WorldWideWebCoupon


By GoldSparrow in Adware

WorldWideWebCoupon program by WebPick Internet Holdings Ltd. is another addition to their line of adware tools that promise improved shopping experience and push numerous marketing materials in the user's web browser. You might want to know that WebPick Internet Holdings Ltd. prefers to incorporate its products with freeware, and you may wish to install free software via the 'Custom' or 'Advanced' option in the future. Security experts note that the WorldWideWebCoupon adware has many similarities with other WebPick products such as OnlineLowDeals and FreeDealsApp, and can display banners, pop-up and pop-under ads as well as transitional advertisements. Additionally, the WorldWideWebCoupon may use web beacons, tracking cookies and read your online history in order to personalize the advertisement content presented to you. The services of the adware developers handling WorldWideWebCoupon can be used by malicious third parties to provide users with corrupted and unsafe commercials. Computer users can counter adware and other cyber threats by installing a trusted anti-malware solution that can ensure the safety of their online activities and purge tracking technologies employed by adware.


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