Threat Database Browser Hijackers '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers is a Web page used to host pop-ups that display information about non-existent computer problems and threat infections whose purpose is to trick users into paying for expensive fake technical support services associated with the phone number 844-413-7017 which can be seen in all of's pop-ups. The pop-ups hosted on may appear in the user's Web browser because of a corrupted extension or more severe threats that were installed on the user's computer recently. The appearance of '' pop-ups may render the Web browser useless because these pop-ups may cover up the entire browser window and prevent users from clicking anything unless they somehow manage to close the pop-ups. However, closing '' pop-ups sound easier than it is – these pop-ups are very persistent, and they will not stop appearing unless the software which causes them is removed. pop-ups may seem legitimate because they copy the interface features and error messages used by popular anti-malware software, and that's why many users may be tricked by the trustworthy appearance of these pop-ups. If the pop-ups succeed and convince a user to call 844-413-7017, they may get in touch with fraudsters who'll attempt to convince them to pay for expensive technical support services or software. In other cases, the 844-413-7017 technical support hoax may trick users into downloading threats disguised as helpful software. It goes without saying that technical support tactics like the one associated with 844-413-7017 and '' pop-ups are exceptionally threatening because they may lead to loss of money, files and information easily. The best way to solve the issues caused by '' pop-ups is to run a full system scan with a reliable anti-malware application that can identify and remove the source of the problems.


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