By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers is a URL that is closely related to a browser hijacker infection. Browser hijackers associated with will redirect computer users to a website that tells computer users that they need to download a fake update for their Web browser. It is important to avoid downloading the bogus Web browser updates associated with because they are often used to distribute PUPs or Potentially Unwanted Programs. The fake browser update Web page associated with will be customized to the victim's Web browser, such as claiming that there is an update available for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, depending on the affected computer's browser. If you are being directed to or observing symptoms associated with (such as bogus messages claiming that it is necessary to update your Web browser), security researchers strongly recommend that computer users use a reliable security program to disinfect the affected PC. Brings a Dark World to Your Machine

Whenever a computer is affected by PUPs linked to, the affected Web browser will display new tabs containing and warning the victim that it is necessary to install a fake browser update. This may occur whenever the victim opens the affected Web browser or tries to connect to a specific website such as by clicking on a link or entering a website's URL into the affected Web browser's address bar. The pop-up messages associated with display a message reading 'Outdated Browser Detected' followed by another pop-up message that urges the computer user to download and install a fake Web browser update. These updates are various types of PUPs associated with adware and browser hijackers.

Putting an End on Redirects

If your Web browser is forcing you to visit repeatedly or display unwanted pop-up messages, security researchers recommend the removal of any browser hijackers installed on the affected Web browser. Once uninstalled, it is usually necessary to run a scan of the affected Web browser with a fully updated anti-malware program. This is to ensure that no components associated with remain installed on the affected PC.


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