Wordinator Ads

Wordinator Ads Description

Type: Adware

The Wordinator browser add-on may be offered to you in freeware bundles as a tool to expand your search options while you browse the Internet. However, users may want to know that the Wordinator browser add-on is deemed as adware because its primary aim is to display advertisements. The Wordinator adware might present you with ads by sponsors on banners, pop-up windows, and floating boxes in order to earn affiliate revenue for its developers. Security experts note that the Wordinator adware may appear on the 'Programs and Features' list but may not have a functional uninstaller. The Wordinator adware is cross-compatible, and users may expect to see ads by Wordinator on all major web browsers. You may want to know that the Wordinator adware may promote riskware like VeriBrowse, Oxy Torrent and Reimage that can decrease your computer performance. Additionally, the Wordinator adware may use DOM storage data, HTTP, and Flash cookies to facilitate the display of ads related to your recent searches on Google and preferred web pages. Many users may not like their activities to be observed by advertisers and have their browser cluttered with ads by Wordinator. Therefore, you might want to install a trusted anti-spyware shield to eradicate the Wordinator, clean and secure your PC.

Technical Information

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File System Details

Wordinator Ads creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 wfd_1_10_0_17.sys 3ff14c53d3870ce77de132f3b843c19a 51
2 wfd_1_10_0_19.sys 5bd3e6904d2ba865b5ea4a4af599573d 18
3 wordinator-setup- 08e627dd359d22d0c021cf0978a37da6 10

Registry Details

Wordinator Ads creates the following registry entry or registry entries:

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