Wnedbelie.space Description

Wnedbelie.space belongs to a category of mostly empty websites created with a singular purpose in mind - the propagation of browser-based tactics. More and more such websites are created each day, and they all use similar social-engineering tricks to deceive any unsuspecting users into clicking the 'Allow' button and subscribing to the site's push-notification services.

Visitors who land on Wnedbelie.space will be bombarded with several fake alert or error messages. Many of these misleading websites choose just one or two messages but not Wnedbelie.space. First, by asking for age verification, the website pretends that users might access some explicit content. It further pushes this implication by pointing an arrow towards the 'Allow' button. And this is without the pop-up windows it displays. The various messages found on Wnedbelie.space include:

'If you are 18+ tap Allow

To access the content, click Allow!


Show notifications'

Once Wnedbelie.space has started generating unwanted advertisements, it will not be stopped by simply closing the browser. Users will have to open the 'Settings' menu of the affected browser, navigate to the 'Permissions' tab, find Wnedbelie.space, and remove all of the permissions that have been granted to this dubious website.