Wkysol Description

Type: Adware

Wkysol is a family of backdoor Trojans that pose a severe risk for your computer system's security. According to ESG security researchers, malware in the Wkysol Trojan family is fully active and continues to present a constant threat for malware analysts from all around the world. There are various versions of Wkysol Trojans, usually organized by adding a letter to the end of the Trojan's name (that is, Wkysol.A, Wkysol.B, Wkysol.C, etc). Because Wkysol Trojans are constantly updated and developed in order to fight back against current anti-malware technology, it is essential that you keep your anti-malware application fully updated to prevent Wkysol infections. Wkysol Trojans can start and stop processes, prevent access to certain applications, redirect your Internet browser and steal your personal information and relay it to a third party.

How Do Wkysol Trojans Attack Your Computer System?

Wkysol Trojans are a kind of Trojan known as a backdoor Trojan. These kinds of infections are designed to open up a hole in the victim's security through which a criminal can gain access to the infected computer (much like an open backdoor can let a robber into an unprotected building. Through Wkysol's backdoor, a criminal can take over the victim's computer system and control it remotely. Malware in the Wkysol family has been associated with malicious PDF files that spread through malicious email attachments. These corrupted PDF files use a zero-day exploit in Adobe Reader 9.0. This security vulnerability, known as the CVE-2011-2462 vulnerability, grants a crook to set up mischievous files onto the victim's computer system. According to ESG security researchers, Wkysol Trojans (particularly Wkysol.C) are often installed in this way on the victim's computer system.

An Overview of Wkysol Trojans' Installation Process

While the actual process is different from one Wkysol Trojan version to another, most malware in this family exhibits similar behavior. Typically, the Wkysol Trojan instals an executable file (with the EXE extension) named 'help.exe' in the 'Local Settings' directory. Wkysol Trojans then make changes to the Windows Registry which grants them to boot automatically when Window is launched. Finally, These Trojans install other malware on the victim's computer system. The main payload of Wkysol Trojans allows unauthorized access to the victim's computer from a remote location. Wkysol Trojans will also attempt to connect to a variety of malicious domains in order to communicate with their creator or receive updates.

Technical Information

File System Details

Wkysol creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 %TEMP%pfaxm.dat N/A
2 %TEMP%tgfaxm.dat N/A
3 %TEMP%tpfaxm.dat N/A
4 %TEMP%gfaxm.dat N/A

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