'Wisip' Chrome Extension

The ‘Wisip’ Chrome Extension is a dodgy add-on compatible with the Google Chrome Web browser. The creators of the ‘Wisip’ Chrome Extension have used a Poké Ball (from Pokemon) as the icon of this shady add-on.

This dodgy Web browser extension is not likely to offer you any unique tools or content – it is likely that you can find everything offered by the ‘Wisip’ Chrome Extension available online freely. However, the end goal of the ‘Wisip’ Chrome Extension is not to provide users with useful services or helpful content. Instead, the purpose of the ‘Wisip’ Chrome Extension is to change the configurations of your Web browser and set up an affiliated website as the default new tab page. The site in question is Srchus.xyz – a low-quality search engine.

Since the ‘Wisip’ Chrome Extension changes the settings of your Web browser without consulting you first, it is classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). It is advisable to locate and remove the PUP with the aid of a reputable anti-virus tool.


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