WinZapper Trojan

WinZapper Trojan Description

Unrelated to the Windows administration utility with the same name, the Winzapper Trojan is a dangerous malware infection that has been around since before 2006. A Winzapper Trojan will typically cause the infected computer to become slow and unresponsive. Computer users with the Winzapper Trojan will also experience frequent crashes and other signs of system instability. More importantly, the Winzapper Trojan may be accompanied by other malware infections that can do anything from steal your personal data, spam you with malware-ridden advertisements or let a hacker gain access to your computer. ESG team of PC security advisers recommends launching Windows in Safe Mode and analyzing your computer system with a fully-updated anti-malware application.

How Does the Winzapper Trojan Enter a Computer System?

Trojan horses usually cannot spread or invade a computer system like a worm or a virus. It is because of this that Trojans often use social engineering in order to infect a computer system. This means that a Trojan, like the Winzapper Trojan, will take advantage of weaknesses in human behavior to enter a computer system. It usually does this by disguising itself as something else:

  • The Winzapper Trojan may be disguised as a fake video codec. These are especially popular on adult video websites, although these fake video codecs may also be included in compressed file bundles for popular movie downloads on file sharing networks.
  • The Winzapper Trojan installer may be disguised as a fake computer optimization tool or online malware scanner. These kinds of advertisements are a common way to become infected with Trojans. Creators of rogueware will typically advertise their services on suspicious websites or through pop-up windows. If the computer user clicks on these kinds of advertisements, rogueware makers will exploit JavaScript or Flash vulnerabilities to install the Winzapper Trojan on the victim's computer.
  • Another common disguise for the Winzapper Trojan is as a fake update for your operating system or for popular programs like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Security Essentials. These kinds of updates are typically found on file sharing websites or on file downloading websites that contain pirated software and illegally copied music and movies. ESG team of PC security researchers strongly advises only downloading your software updates directly from the manufacturer.

Technical Information

File System Details

WinZapper Trojan creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 winzapper.exe N/A