Threat Database Browser Hijackers '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The pop-up messages in your Internet browser are caused by a browser hijacker on your system that is created to promote the tech assistance found on website. The pop-ups may claim to be from Microsoft and that there have been detected a suspicious activity on your computer, but you should not believe those claims. Moreover, the pop-up windows may invite users, not to turn off or restart their PC to avoid data loss in order to create a sense of peril. Users will be urged to call 1-855-233-9250 for immediate assistance from certified technicians on The technicians on 1-855-233-9250 that are associated with and PC2techs are not trusted, and you are not advised to seek their help. As stated above the pop-ups are caused by a browser hijacker that may have arrived on your computer as a browser add-on bundled with a free program installer. The pop-ups may depiction a BSOD message to claim credibility, and you should not be fooled. The browser hijacker can operate within Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. The browser hijacker uses ActionScript3 to prevent users from closing the messages on unless they end the Web browser's process from the Windows Task Manager. The browser hijacker may have placed its files in the hidden Temp folder of Windows to evade detection, and you may want to use a credible anti-malware instrument to remove it.


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