'Windows-delight.info' Pop-Ups

'Windows-delight.info' Pop-Ups Description

The Windows-delight.info pop-up messages in your Internet browser are caused by a browser hijacker on your system that is created to promote the tech assistance found on PC2Techs.com website. The Windows-delight.info pop-ups may claim to be from Microsoft and that there have been detected a suspicious activity on your computer, but you should not believe those claims. Moreover, the Windows-delight.info pop-up windows may invite users, not to turn off or restart their PC to avoid data loss in order to create a sense of peril. Users will be urged to call 1-855-233-9250 for immediate assistance from certified technicians on PC2Techs.com The technicians on 1-855-233-9250 that are associated with Windows-delight.info and PC2techs are not trusted, and you are not advised to seek their help. As stated above the Windows-delight.info pop-ups are caused by a browser hijacker that may have arrived on your computer as a browser add-on bundled with a free program installer. The Windows-delight.info pop-ups may depiction a BSOD message to claim credibility, and you should not be fooled. The Windows-delight.info browser hijacker can operate within Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. The Windows-delight.info browser hijacker uses ActionScript3 to prevent users from closing the messages on Windows-delight.info unless they end the Web browser's process from the Windows Task Manager. The Windows-delight.info browser hijacker may have placed its files in the hidden Temp folder of Windows to evade detection, and you may want to use a credible anti-malware instrument to remove it.