‘Windows 7 Support – Case ID’ Pop-Ups

‘Windows 7 Support – Case ID’ Pop-Ups Description

The 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' pop-up windows in the browser that refer to the (844)-624-2338 phone line should not be perceived as security alerts by Microsoft. The 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' alerts are classified as fake security warnings that are designed to look as though they are delivered by the Microsoft Copr. to your screen. We have received reports that the 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' messages may be displayed via pages like:

  • browseclean[.]bid
  • browseclean[.]space/Final-Notice/tito2.php#
  • nimbleland.co[.]in/bb/www.usaa.com.inetent_logon-signon/home/pin.php
  • realtimescan.flu[.]cc
  • stop-immediately[.]club
  • system-error-found.flu[.]cc/5mp-can-not-proceed/ag2lbxv5M.php

The domains listed above are registered to the IP address and have been found to host images, text, audio, and videos that are used for the 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' pop-ups. Computer users that are redirected to the pages that host the 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' messages may be infected with a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are apps that may be listed as extensions to your browser and aim to redirect users to certain pages on the Internet. In this case, the browser hijacker linked to the 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' alerts may have entered the computer as an optional component to a free software package. Affected users might notice that their browser opens a new tab and says 'Windows 7 Support Case ID: [RANDOM NUMBER].' The tab may be titled 'Call Now (844)-624-2338' and play a disturbing audio alert. We have seen the 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' notifications feature the following text:

'Windows 7 Support Case ID: 3376306: Dear [NAME OF YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER] - Are you getting excessive POPUPS and having performance issues on your Windows 7 computer? It could be because of a possible ADWARE in your Firefox Browser. Unfortunately, we do not have a Level 3 Technician near [YOUR CITY] Stores. So Please Call +1(844) 624-2338 immediately and get connected to a Level 3 technician for Windows 7 Computer. Please note your Reference number for this Case is: 3376306'

You may be unable to open a new tab, resize and minimize the browser, as well as open a bookmarked page as long as the 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' remains in the foreground of your desktop. The problem is caused by a JavaScript code embedded into the page loaded in the browser. You may think a third- party is trying to gain access to your system, but that is not the case. Security analysts warn that the 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' messages should not be trusted and you should avoid calls to the (844)-624-2338 toll-free phone line. Con artists operate the phone lines advertised on the 'Windows 7 Support – Case ID' pop-ups and aim to convince users to pay hundreds of dollars to have their PCs cleaned and their browser restored to normal. As mentioned above, the erratic browser behavior is caused by a bad code hosted online—the code is not on your machine. You should use a credible anti-malware scanner to remove the programs that are designed to reroute your Internet traffic and present misleading content in your browser.