Win32/SpyVoltar.A Description

Type: Trojan

Win32/SpyVoltar.A is an annoying Trojan infection that affects how your web browser behaves. Win32/SpyVoltar.A will change the infected computer's web browser's homepage to and will also cause several annoying symptoms that may make the infected computer nearly impossible to use.

Win32/SpyVoltar.A seems to cause symptoms similar to those caused by most browser hijackers. That is, Win32/SpyVoltar.A can cause the infected web browser to display pop-up windows, cause browser redirects and change the infected web browser's settings, homepage and default search engine. One unique symptom associated with Win32/SpyVoltar.A occurs when the victim attempts to access websites using the Internet Explorer web browser. According to reports received from Russian computer users, Win32/SpyVoltar.A will block access to all web pages, limiting access to malicious websites associated with Win32/SpyVoltar.A (such as

Why Criminals Want to Infect Your Computer with Win32/SpyVoltar.A

Malware like Win32/SpyVoltar.A affects your computer's web browser and often goes deeper and also affects how your computer goes online and processes IP addresses. This is a powerful effect that criminals can exploit to do three things:

  1. Using Win32/SpyVoltar.A, criminals can gain access to valuable information about your browsing habits, spying on your online activity and selling this information to shady marketing companies or using it to scam you directly.
  2. Win32/SpyVoltar.A can also be used to force you to visit specific websites repeatedly in order to inflate those websites' traffic numbers artificially, profiting from advertising and shady pay per click marketing schemes.
  3. Malware like Win32/SpyVoltar.A can also be used to force computer users to visit attack websites, where their computers are infected with additional malware, which may range from Trojans to fake security software.

ESG malware analysts also suspect that Win32/SpyVoltar.A may be associated with a rootkit infection, due to the fact that many reports have indicated that Win32/SpyVoltar.A is quite difficult, if not nearly impossible to remove. If your system has fallen prey to the Win32/SpyVoltar.A Trojan, ESG security researchers strongly advise starting up your computer in Safe Mode and running a system scan of your hard drive with a reliable, fully-updated, anti-malware program. If symptoms continue and your anti-malware software remains ineffective, ESG security researchers also recommend the use of a specialized anti-rootkit tool.

Technical Information

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File System Details

Win32/SpyVoltar.A creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 taskhost.exe 254975d55da076eb1815412df9a09697 0
More files

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