Threat Database Viruses Win32.Rmnet.16


By LoneStar in Viruses

Win32.Rmnet.16 is a virus that uses a digital signature to sign control server IP-addresses which are no longer inserted in the malicious program resources but created using a special routine. Additionally, the module can end processes of the majority of well-known anti-virus software, which makes Win32.Rmnet.16 more hazardous. Win32.Rmnet.16 is written in C and Assembly and is composed of a few functional modules. The injector that dislocates Win32.Rmnet.16 in the computer system injects its code into browser processes, saves its driver into a temporary folder and runs it as a Microsoft Windows Service. Then, the injector copies the body of Win32.Rmnet.16 into a temporary directory and startup folder. The body file has a random name and the extension .exe. The backdoor payload of Win32.Rmnet.16 can accomplish commands obtained from a remote server, specifically, to drop and execute arbitrary files, update itself, to take screenshots and transfer them to cyber-crooks, and even make the affected PC system non-operational. Win32.Rmnet.16 can alter the MBR and encrypt and save its files at the end of the disk. After restarting, control is sent to malicious code in the affected boot record, which reads and decrypts modules in the memory and then runs them. Get rid of Win32.Rmnet.16 as early as possible.

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File System Details

Win32.Rmnet.16 may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. file.exe 20cf03337dcc36caeadd560f0763234a 0
2. file.exe 3fa4b347a707a6397817496563f624db 0
3. tk85.dll c7fd191cb40819c8aec4cce070f6e06e 0
4. tcl85.dll 25199b2fbcf6c75657c0d49b66d94af2 0
5. file.exe 851394f4f760cda9409e40f4b8006ae7 0


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