Threat Database Trojans Win32/Powessere


By GoldSparrow in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 90 % (High)
Infected Computers: 3
First Seen: November 12, 2014
Last Seen: July 16, 2019
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Powessere is a Trojan infection that should be removed immediately. PC security analysts have received reports of anti-virus programs detecting the presence of Powessere variants, such as Trojan:Win32/Powessere.A!reg. PC security researchers strongly advise computer users to remove Powessere immediately with a reliable security application. This threatening Trojan may compromise your data and may give third parties access to your computer automatically.

Malware researchers consider that Powessere is quite threatening. According to their observations, Powessere may make harmful changes that have profound effects on the infected operating system. The main purpose of Powessere is to generate revenue by taking over your computer. In many cases, Powessere enters a computer stealthily, using threats delivery methods such as spam email messages or attack websites. PC security analysts have noted that Powessere may be included in software downloads from dubious sources or hidden in files that appear as harmless Microsoft Office of PDF files. A common source for Trojans such as Powessere is also found in file sharing networks and using pirated software or media. It is important to understand that Powessere is designed to sneak past known security programs, meaning that in many cases, Powessere may infect the victim's computer without prompting a warning from the infected computer's anti-virus application. PC security researchers strongly recommend removing Powessere with the assistance of an anti-malware device. Failure to do so may result in numerous problems appearing on your computer as well as more lasting consequences to your data security.

What Makes Trojans Like Powessere to be Threatening

Powessere may detect and exploit any weaknesses on your computer in an attempt to take over it completely. The reason for this is to make money at your expense. Powessere may change your computer's settings, altering the Registry settings to ensure that Powessere runs automatically. You also may find that your Web browser directs you to unwanted websites and that strange, foreign files suddenly appear on your computer. If Powessere is present on your computer, browsing the Web may become quite an ordeal due to Powessere's constant redirects and interference with your online activity. PC security analysts have noted that Powessere may be linked to PUP infections. Potentially Unwanted Programs, are Web browser add-ons designed to monitor your online activities and display advertisements on your Web browser. Powessere may be used to install these types of unwanted components and may also lower your computer's security in other ways.

How Powessere Generates Revenue at Your Expense

It is always important to understand the final goal of threat infections. In the case of Powessere, the end goal is to make money at your expense. Powessere does this in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Powessere may be used to collect your online activities automatically. Powessere may compromise data such as credit card numbers, banking passwords and other compromising information that may be involved in online transactions.
  • Powessere may lower your computer's settings, which may result in the installation of PUPs designed to generate revenue from advertising or marketing schemes.
  • Powessere may allow third parties to gain access to your comp automatically. This may cause loss of valuable data. It may also result in threatening software installed on your computer in order to take it hostage and demand ransom.

Some Reasons Why Powessere Poses a Threat and should be Removed

The following are reasons why Powessere should be removed immediately:

  • Powessere may pose a threat to your computer's long-term security.
  • Powessere may interfere with legitimate security programs in order to take over your computer.
  • Powessere has been linked to PUPs that may deliver annoying advertisements and other unwanted content to infected computers.
  • Powessere may have significant effects on your computer's performance, causing it to slow down, crash or freeze frequently.


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