Threat Database Trojans Win32.Elderado-B


By CagedTech in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 90 % (High)
Infected Computers: 12
First Seen: December 1, 2014
Last Seen: March 30, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Win32.Elderado-B is a Trojan infection. Win32.Elderado-B may represent a very high-level threat, meaning that Win32.Elderado-B may be quite destructive and difficult to remove. Win32.Elderado-B may infect most versions of the Windows OS, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista and Windows XP. If Win32.Elderado-B has infected your computer, it is important to remove Win32.Elderado-B immediately with a security application.

What Trojans Like Win32.Elderado-B may do to an Affected Computer

Trojan infections are named after the Trojan horse (in fact, they may be referred as Trojan Horses) from the Greek mythology. This is because they follow a similar strategy when attacking a computer. Like the Trojan Horse in Homer's Iliad, a Trojan may be presented to the computer user as a beneficial file or application. However, for it to work, computer users need to execute the file. Doing this, they allow the Trojan to release its payload, which may have a wide variety of noxious effects on a computer. Unlike viruses or worms, Trojans like Win32.Elderado-B cannot self-replicate or spread on their own.

Malware researchers have reported that Win32.Elderado-B may result in damage to the affected computer due to its propensity for infecting files, allowing other threats to enter a computer and changing the affected computer's settings automatically. Win32.Elderado-B may be hidden inside a file that seems legitimate, such as a PDF, video or image file. These files may be distributed using social engineering tactics, through specially made spam email messages or may be present on file sharing websites. When computer users open the Win32.Elderado-B file, Win32.Elderado-B may install itself immediately and make harmful changes to the affected computer's settings. These changes may allow Win32.Elderado-B to run automatically when the affected computer starts up.

Win32.Elderado-B has ways of hiding itself from security software and may be linked to rootkit infections on the affected computer. This may make it quite difficult for computer users to remove Win32.Elderado-B. One other problem with Win32.Elderado-B is that Win32.Elderado-B may infect a computer without causing any symptoms. This may not sound irritating, until one realizes that symptoms of infection are what allow computer users to realize that something is wrong with their computers. Threats that infects without causing symptoms may work in the background to collect financial information or data without the computer user ever being aware of its presence. The most common way of becoming infected by Win32.Elderado-B is by visiting an attack website containing an exploit kit. Legitimate websites may be infected so that they may display threatening advertisements or use threatening scripts to redirect computer users to attack websites in the background. Win32.Elderado-B also may be installed through fake updates for Flash Player or other components or through threatening email spam attachments.

Problems that may be Linked to Win32.Elderado-B

Although Win32.Elderado-B may not cause symptoms by itself, Win32.Elderado-B may allow other threats to infect a computer. Because of this, there are numerous problems that can alert computer users that they need to clean their computer. The following are known problems that may be associated with it:

  • Win32.Elderado-B may make unwanted changes to your computer's settings and start-up applications.
  • Win32.Elderado-B may allow other threats to enter your computer.
  • Win32.Elderado-B and content associated with this Trojan may cause severe performance issues, such as crashes and lag.
  • Win32.Elderado-B may compromise your privacy, allowing a third party to gain access to your data, including information such as online banking passwords of credit card information.
  • Win32.Elderado-B may be responsible for long load and start-up times and problems accessing websites or using your Web browser.
  • Win32.Elderado-B may interfere with security software on your computer, causing it to crash or fail to load.


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