WIN32:Downloader-NZI Description

Type: Browser Hijackers

WIN32:Downloader-NZI is a kind of malware infection that is used to install other malware threats on the victim's computer system. Trojan downloaders like WIN32:Downloader-NZI will often be distributed through social engineering tactics, such as misleading spam email attachments. Once opened, WIN32:Downloader-NZI attempts to hook on to an alien server in order to set up other Trojan infections on the victim's computer system. WIN32:Downloader-NZI installation will often occur silently. WIN32:Downloader-NZI also seems to have various functions apart from downloading other malware, including causing browser redirects and having basic spyware abilities. While there are many malware infections like WIN32:Downloader-NZI, one of the reasons that WIN32:Downloader-NZI has caught the eye of PC security researchers is that WIN32:Downloader-NZI has components that allow WIN32:Downloader-NZI to disable legitimate anti-malware programs in order to protect itself.

Dealing with a WIN32:Downloader-NZI Infection

The main way in which you are likely to become aware of a WIN32:Downloader-NZI infection is by the way WIN32:Downloader-NZI interferes with your security software. ESG malware researchers have observed that WIN32:Downloader-NZI will allow legitimate security programs to run. However, whenever an anti-virus program tries to detect, quarantine, or remove WIN32:Downloader-NZI, this Trojan infection will cause that program to crash or display an error message. Even though ESG security researchers strongly suggest using a strong anti-malware tool to remove WIN32:Downloader-NZI automatically, you may need to take some extra steps before your security software can bypass WIN32:Downloader-NZI's self-defense measures. These include starting up your computer system in Safe Mode or from an external drive.

Protecting Yourself from a WIN32:Downloader-NZI Infection

Like most Trojans, WIN32:Downloader-NZI cannot spread on its own from one computer to another. It will either need to computer users themselves to install WIN32:Downloader-NZI or WIN32:Downloader-NZI will rely on a secondary malware threat in order to enter the victim's computer system. Because of this, the main way in which criminals distribute WIN32:Downloader-NZI is through social engineering. This is basically an approach that relies on tricking computer users by lying and preying on human weakness rather than trying to use brute force and exploits in order to force the victim's computer system to download WIN32:Downloader-NZI. It is because of this that ESG security researchers strongly advise following basic computer safety protocols and being careful with the files you download and open in order to avoid an infection with the WIN32:Downloader-NZI Trojan or with similar malware threats.

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