Win32/Clikug.D Description

Type: Trojan

Win32/Clikug.D is a computer Trojan horse that may be loaded on a vulnerable computer through questionable sources on the internet. When it has loaded up, Win32/Clikug.D is apt to performing various activates without any indication given to the computer user. Among those activities Win32/Clikug.D may open up a backdoor where remote hackers could access the infected system. Additionally, the system infected with Win32/Clikug.D may be at risk of having its information stolen or access by unknown remote users who are able to target the Win32/Clikug.D threats. In most cases it is best to continually scan your system for Trojan horses like Win32/Clikug.D so they can be removed utilizing an updated antispyware tool capable or removing Trojans.

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