Threat Database Trojans Win32.Bolik.2


By GoldSparrow in Trojans

Win32.Bolik.2 is a banking Trojan that possesses a polymorphic multicomponent and is configured to execute the functions of a keylogger, perform Web injections, collect online banking data, intercept traffic and more. Other features of Win32.Bolik.2 is that it can perform CMD controls and create RPD reverse connections. Win32.Bolik.2 is an updated version of Carberp, a Trojan that takes the command of your browser to transmit information that it collects from the infected machines. The users can be infected by Win32.Bolik.2 when it invades download links and makes the computer users introduce it into their machines unknowingly.

To make things worse, Win32.Bolik.2 doesn't come alone. It drags another threatening Trojan, the Trojan.PWS.Stealer to the infected computer. Win32.Bolik.2 also has used another spread method; a corrupted JavaScript code is embedded into a VSDC site to uncover the geopositioning of its visitors and substitute download links for links to a corrupted website. Banking Trojans can be very harmful due to their capabilities of performing actions pretending to be the owner of the accounts they managed to get the login information. Therefore, do not take risks. If you want to keep your machine health and prevent threats invasion, you should have strong security measures such as a security program installed and running.


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