Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF Description

Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF is a BitCoin Miner Trojan. Bitcoin is a currency used online. To be able to generate Bitcoins, PC users have to allow the damaging program, such as Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF, to use computer resources to solve numerous problems. Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF was generated by cybercriminals to compromise the vulnerable computer system and use it to mine Bitcoins. In return, cybercriminals will gather Bitcoins earned at the expense of affected computer systems. Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF is distributed through various unsafe websites, social networking websites and instant messaging applications. Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF may circulate as a message encompassing web-links taking to the location of Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF. Clicking on the web-link may immediately install the code of Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF onto the contaminated computer system. Once Win32/Bitcoinminer.AF initiates its Bitcoin Mining activity, it consumes a lot of memory resources and computing power, thus causing slow downs of the corrupted PC.