Win32/Application.IM.d29 Description

The Win32/Application.IM.d29 detection refers to a trojan infection that may appear as an application for 32-bit Windows systems. Security analysts alert users that the Win32/Application.IM.d29 trojan may be distributed via freeware bundles on suspicious web sites and as an attached file to spam emails. Also, the binary of Win32/Application.IM.d29 could be located on your Windows partition under the Programs Files directory. However, the trojan associated with Win32/Application.IM.d29 can hide its files by writing the tag 'Hidden' in the properties of its components. That way it may bypass security scans and performs its operations uninterrupted. Moreover, the Win32/Application.IM.d29 trojan may record your keystrokes and connect to remote 'Command and Control' servers to supply its operators with information like your IP address, OS version, installed programs and log-in credentials. The trojan associated with Win32/Application.IM.d29 may add a registry key in Windows to run every time you log-in to your account and may launch a background service to execute its operations. Security analysts note that the Win32/Application.IM.d29 trojan could be used by third parties to deploy harmful software on your computer, and you should take immediate measures to contain and remove it. Users may want to use a reputable anti-malware to purge the Win32/Application.IM.d29 trojan and secure their system.