Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk]

Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] Description

Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] is a harmful rootkit Trojan which can stay in restore points made for computer system emergency rescue. To justify the program that does not scan restore points areas it is to be stressed on there is no way for malware infections to run as long as they are in a restore point, which is an inactive zone as long it is not used to repair computer system after its crash. Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk]'s installation is performed immediately into an area of computer system drivers so that it could be described as a bogus system drive. The payload of Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] involves a variety of tasks that cover irritating Google redirects, keylogging and other. Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] strives to stay on the corrupted PC system by posing as system drives. Remove Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] immediately after detection.

Technical Information

File System Details

Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count

Registry Details

Win32:Aluroot-B [Rtk] creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Registry key